Creyoga                                                                                               Glowfulness             


APPLIED KINESIOLOGY: Healing consults based on touch for health, applied kinesiology and energywork

ENERGIEWERK op basis van Touch for Health, toegepaste kinesiologie en yoga

Geen speciale voorkennis of conditie nodig, voor alle leeftijden 

Lachen is goed voor je immuun systeem, bloeddoorstroming, ontspanning/ reduceert het niveau van stresshormonen/ verhoogt aanmaak van endorfine, serotonine en dopamine (gelukshormonen)/ verhoogt het zuurstofgehalte in het bloed/ masseert middenrif ,buikspieren en buikorganen/ traint gezichtspieren/ is een fantastische uitlaatklep /is gewoon leuk en heerlijk om te doen

Core Dance Engels

Core dance arises from yoga, nature observations and Egyptian happiness dance.

Dancing from the centre (pelvis, inner center), is in Egypt and other eastern and North-African countries part of the family education of a girl. Virtues are reflected in her physical dance language. Her body language reveals who she is. Professional dancers are invited to marriages to bring fortune, fertility and happiness. The dance is associated with the sunny side of life: with new life, birth, rebirth and enjoying existence. Dancing in all the body layers*) can lead to ecstasy. The great dance stars of Egypt were able to give people a feeling of happiness and coming home, make them forget their sorrows and give them energy and inner peace. Boys too, learn to dance straight from the heart at an early age. The traditional movements leave a lot of room to create, improvise and be personal and unique.

Through dancing you develop  virtues, grace, flexibility, awareness and control of your body and mind. Your awareness will be trained to be in many different places simultaneously. You travel towards  your centre, your true self. There, from a source deep within, awareness wells up and increasingly more touches your body layers*), the music, the room, the people around you and finally the universe. Choices, actions and movements coming from the centre are full of creative force and liberating energy. Dig up your treasures, dance!

*) Body layers or bodies: physical, pranic, emotional, mental, spiritual

Core dance is developed by Karin van der Knoop

We are planning to start a professional training in September 2016